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Deicer on a runway

Designed to obtain maximum friction, AVIFORM S-Solid enables safe take-off and landings, even under severe weather conditions.

AVIFORM S-Solid is the brand name for granulated sodium formate with a state to the art corrosion inhibitor. It is the ideal de-icing agent during severe winter conditions to remove thick ice layers up to 8 mm and is approved according to SAE AMS 1431B.

The AVIFORM S-SOLID granules penetrate the ice layer and after penetration, the granules undercut the ice layer by melting and break the bond holding ice and snow to the surface of runways. Due to this “undercutting effect” the ice can be easily removed by mechanical means to maintain adequate friction between aircraft tires and the runway.

AVIFORM S-Solid fulfills all environmental and technical requirements on airport de-icing agents, is not toxic to humans, animals or aquatic organisms and is fully biodegradable in aqueous systems.

On this page you can find out more about the comprehensive product properties of AVIFORM S-SOLID.