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Supply of AVIFORM L 50


With two production sites in Porsgrunn, Norway and Bitterfeld, Germany ADDCON is the world’s largest manufacturer of formates.

Our de-icing products, AVIFORM L50 and AVIFORM S-Solid, are used by all major airports in Europe and Scandinavia. We have a corporate reputation for reliability and quality and are humble to the fact that our track-record requires our concentrated focus and attention, every day and through the year.

Large storage facilities in Norway and Germany for raw materials as well as finished product ensure a reliable service and deliveries on time. An efficient in-house logistics department and a strong network of professional partners complement Addcon’s story of success in airport de-icing.

AVIFORM L50 can be supplied in

  • tanktrucks,
  • ISO containers
  • or 1000 l IBC containers

AVIFORM L50 is delivered ready to use.
The product contents a corrosion inhibitor and should not be diluted.