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Application of AVIFORM L50

Deicer spayed on a rundway

AVIFORM L50 can be applied with all standard airport spraying equipment that is today used for de-icing and anti-icing.

AVIFORM L50 should be used as a precautionary agent in advance of severe weather conditions. The product will prevent a bond between the surface and the ice, making it easier to remove the ice by mechanical means.

AVIFORM L50 should not be used directly on ice or snow layers > 3mm. The surface should under these conditions be treated by mechanical means first.

AVIFORM L50 – general application rates

The efficiency of de-icers depend on a variety of elements like weather conditions (wind, air, humidity, snow, freezing rain), surface material and spraying equipment.  As a result, no exact dosages – but dosage recommendations can be given. 

The following application rates are only an indicative:

Frost of ice layer < 1mm: 
Temperature                                Dosage
  0o C to   -5o C                            15-25 g/m²
 -5o C to -10o C                            25-35 g/m²

Snow or ice of 1 to 3 mm layer:

Temperature                                 Dosage
 0o C to   -5o C                              30-40 g/m²
-5o C to -10o C                              40-60 g/m²