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Deicer on a street

AVIFORM L50 is designed to obtain maximum friction and thereby safe take-off and landing.

AVIFORM L50 is a liquid de-icing agent based on 50 % potassium formate and can be used with all standard airport spraying equipment.

It is ideal as a precautionary agent in the face of severe weather conditions. The product will prevent a bond between the surface and the ice, making it easier to remove the ice by mechanical means.

Due to its high melting capacity AVIFORM L50 can be even used to de-icing thinner ice layers.

AVIFORM L50 fulfills all requirements of airports on environmental properties, technical standards, efficiency, performance and product compatibility of liquid de-icing agents and is approved according to SAE AMS 1435A.                  

On this page you can find out more about the comprehensive product properties of AVIFORM L50.