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Safe landings with AVIFORM


Safe take-offs and landings with deiceing products from ADDCON Nordic AS

Airports all over Europe and Scandinavia use AVIFORM for de-icing and anti-icing of runways and taxiways, thus ensuring not only safe returns for holiday and business travelers but also the maintenance of a complex logistics network.

AVIFORM is a powerful and environmentally-friendly de-icing product, designed to maintain adequate friction between aircraft tires and the runway. First introduced to the world markets in 1995, AVIFORM was for a long time the only potassium formate-based de-icer available.

AVIFORM revolutionized the winter maintenance during that time due to its efficiency, reliability even at low temperatures, its high material compatibility and its outstanding environmental properties. Especially airports used the chance to optimizing their airport de-icing with AVIFORM and to being at the same time “greener” than before.

The AVIFORM product range is based on potassium formate liquid, Aviform L50 and Sodiumformate solid, Aviform S-Solid. AVIFORM L50 and AVIFORM S-Solid are still among the most environmentally friendly de-icing products on the market, and greatly reduce the costs associated with the collection and treatment of run-off.

All AVIFORM products have an outstanding material compatibility and content a state to the art corrosion inhibitor. AVIFORM L50 meets all requirements stated in the SAE AMS 1435A standard. AVIFORM S-Solid complies with SAE AMS 1431B standard.

All AVIFORM products are developed, manufactured and sold by ADDCON Nordic AS.

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