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Successful product registration in Egypt


ADDCONs latest product generation has been successfully registered with the help of Misrfeed

The growth promoter Formi® Alpha, recently launched at the VIV 2017 in Bangkok, has been successfully registered in one of Africa’s fastest growing economies: Egypt.


ADDCON and its local partner, Misrfeed, can now offer the patented diformate molecule – combined with “PowerPlants”, for use in poultry husbandry, under the commercial name of Formi® Alpha. 


Diformate products from ADDCON have acidifying and antibacterial effects in the GI tract, which promote enzyme activity and intestinal health. As a result, nutrient digestibility is enhanced and the animals are healthier, with stronger immune systems. The additional impact of the PowerPlants is directed mainly towards an impact against harmful Gram-positive bacteria as well as an inhibition of intestinal inflammation. Formi® Alpha is therefore an effective and sustainable alternative to the use of in-feed antibiotics.


ADDCON’s sustainable solutions pay for themselves and increase profits on farms, which are responsible for feeding the world’s growing population!


For more information on the products and product availability please contact Addcon´s at 

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