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Replacing Zinc oxide in pigs


The trend of ban of AGP and searching for their alternatives is spreading around the world.

Addcon with its patented molecule (diformate) has already shown positive results in the pig and the poultry industry.  The antibacterial effect as well as the improvement of production performance of animals are the main effects of diformate.  So diformates pretend to become one of the main options for alternative to AGP.

But new challenges are ahead of us.  A new current story in Europe is a reduction in ZnO concentration as well as its total ban of use.  This story should expand in Asia and other parts of the world.  Regardless of the positive effect of ZnO against bacteria and the solution of diarrhea problems, the concentration that is excreted in the environment becomes a problem as well as the problem with bacterial resistance.  Therefore, along with finding a replacement for AGP, we should also work on finding a solution for ZnO.


Replacing Zinc oxide in pigs

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