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Latest trial results with AQUAFORM


Tilapia results published on

I’m delighted to be able to report that a publication on the use of potassium diformate (Aquaform) in tilapia has been published in the highly respected journal, Nature!

The authors (Suphoronski et al.),among them our partners from Salus in Brazil, tested Aquaform and a phytogenic product in tilapia before and after challenge with the pathogenic bacteria Francisella.

Special emphasis was placed on the performance, as well as on the gut microbiome of juvenile fish.

The results reveal, that the use of 0.2% of Aquaform in un-challenged tilapia led to significant improvements of daily gain, FCR and the Specific Growth Rate (SGR), a factor often used in aquaculture sciences to describe the speed of growth. Therefore, the fish productivity index – FPI (figure 1), a combination of weight gain, survival rates and feed efficiency – thus covering the 3 most important parameters for any growing animal, was increased by more than 66% compared to the negative control!

When tilapia were challenged with the bacterial pathogen they still had significantly improved performance parameters (FCR, SGR), a highly significantly reduced mortality rate (by more than 67%) and drastically reduced organ lesions (by 85%). Furthermore, the Shannon Index – a parameter describing the gut microbiome biodiversity, was best in the treatments containing Aquaform. Finally, fish fed with dietary potassium diformate also had an improved immune status too, which is in accordance with other university studies carried out with Aquaform world-wide, and therefore reached an increased FPI as well (figure 2).

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Feel free to download the whole study here.


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