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Formi re-registered in Canada!


ADDCON has successfully re-registered FORMI, sold under the name K-diformate, in Canada.

Following the global expansion strategy, ADDCON is continuing its growth trajectory in the Americas. ADDCON has recently received the re-registration of K-diformate in Canada. Potassium diformate, the sole ingredient of K-diformate is used with great success in the swine industry world-wide since many years under the tradename FORMI. Continuing with the “Green Chemistry” concept, ADDCON’s feed additives show a strong impact on weight gain, survival rates – and, especially important in times of high raw material costs, a significant impact on feed efficiency! 

The expertise of the German company ADDCON, in developing organic acid based products for the feed industry has been proven worldwide! Now it’s time for Canada to reap the benefits of this sustainable alternative for in-feed antibiotics in pigs.


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