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FORMI improves productivity in sows and piglets – a world-wide overview


Optimising the condition of the sow, growth rates of piglets and fatteners and feed efficiency are key requirements for success in today’s animal production systems.

While antibiotics are available to assist in improving growth during this phase, there are a range of concerns from world-wide pig producers about their use, including bacterial resistance, palatability and the accuracy of antibiotic dosage if feed intake is compromised. Furthermore, animal production is viewed critically for its use of in-feed antibiotics, both from consumers and regulatory authorities. As a result, various feed additives have been studied as alternatives.

Organic acids, particularly salts of organic acids, have been reported by many experts to enhance growth performance in the absence of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in pigs. It is stated in this regard that “…Dietary acidifiers can actually become the most common and efficacious alternative solution to antibiotics, in order to improve health status and performance of pigs”

The global market for feed acidifiers is, according to a ResearchAndMarkets report, projected to reach US$3.5 billion by 2023, driven by an increasing demand in developing economies, stable demand for meat and meat products from developed economies and, of course, a swelling world population. This rise is attributed to the industry’s move away from antibiotic growth promoters and to acids as an alternative means of performance enhancement with similarly high economic benefits. Asia-Pacific is furthermore set to lead the feed acidifier market with the largest share, already since 2018.

FORMI (potassium diformate, produced by ADDCON), the double-salt of formic acid, has been shown in numerous trials to improve health and performance in piglets, growing-finishing pigs and sows. Thus, FORMI has been approved in the European Union as the first non-antibiotic growth promoter for use in swine. The effect of FORMI is often described as strong antimicrobial and digestibility enhancing. The objectives of the present studies/articles in Asia and Europe were to assess the effects of FORMI on feed intake and condition of crossbred sows and their subsequent litters. Enjoy reading them!

Dietary_Potassium_Diformate_In_Sow_Nutrition_iI_Latin_America_Impact_On.pdf198 K
Effect_Of_Potassium_Diformate_On_Body_Condition_And_Performance_In_Sows.pdf400 K
Formi_NDF_In_Sows-Impact_On_Piglets.pdf106 K
Potassium_Diformate_In_The_Diet_Of_Reproducing_Sows_Effect_On_Performanc....pdf174 K

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