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Formi GML registered in Australia!


ADDCON and its local distributor CountryVet have successfully registered FORMI GML, the latest addition to ADDCON’s recently launched “3rd generation acidifier”-range for the animal production sector in Australia.

Following the global expansion strategy, ADDCON is continuing its growth trajectory in Asia-Pacific. ADDCON and its partner CountryVet have received the import permit for the new “3rd generation acidifier” FORMI GML in Australia. The product is already used with great success in the swine industry in Western Europe. Continuing with the “Green Chemistry” concept, ADDCON’s feed additives show a strong impact on weight gain, survival rates – and, especially important in times of high raw material costs, a significant impact on feed efficiency!

Continuous research on medium chained fatty acids (MCFA) has led to new products which have paved the way for a new product generation – combinations of the trusted and patented ADDCON-double salts with monolaurates. Initial studies have shown that these 3rd generation acidifiers have a significant impact on both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, so these new products will be a great tool in reducing the application of antibiotic growth promoters in modern animal husbandry.  

The expertise of the German company ADDCON, in developing organic acid based products for the feed industry has been proven worldwide! Now it’s time for Australia to reap the benefits of this new generation of acidifiers for pigs.

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