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Dairy conference in China


Addcon is a proud gold-sponsor of the Mengniu-CDMTCC Celebration & Conference which takes place in Hohhot on June 12-13

The conference is dedicated to improve knowledge and know how of Mengiu´s staff and partners throughout the country to ensure even better and more milk production also in the future. Aside of being a proud sponsor of the conference, Addcon´s technical director for silage and preservation, Dr. Andreas Milimonka will be giving a presentation on “Producing the right maize silage is key to success”. 

“We thank the organisers for inviting us to share our experience at the conference”, says Kurt Wegleitner, MD of the Germany based Addcon group of companies. “Ever since we have entered the market in China more than 10 years ago we have worked hard to transfer our knowledge and experience from our global activities and to adapt it to the challenges and opportunities in China. The conference is another important step for the team to achieve these goals”.

More information on the conference can be found here:

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