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ARTAT and Addcon are proud to announce the registration of AQUAFORM in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s aquaculture sector can now benefit from a newly registered ADDCON product - AQUAFORM

Addcon GmbH and its local partner ARTAT are proud to announce the successful registration of AQUAFORM in Saudi Arabia. The country is planning an annual shrimp production of 200.000 t by 2025, which would make it a major player globally. Already now Saudi Arabia is home to one of the largest fully integrated shrimp farms in the world.  ADDCON is delighted to be able to support this market with products specifically developed for this industry.


AQUAFORM, which is based on ADDCON´s diformate technology has shown best results in fish and shrimp nutrition globally. It is the world’s most widely used organic acid salt in aquaculture. Due to its molecular structure, the product can reach the small intestine where it controls harmful bacteria (e.g. Vibrio spp.), thus supporting gut health, as recently published in Nature.


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