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An article on Formi is new published by Swine Industry, China


The article contributed by Dr. Christian Lückstädt with Title of ‘Effects of Formi (potassium diformate) on body condition and performance in sows’ has been recommended and translated into Chinese, and specially published on Issue 4 of Swine Industry (2019), China. Journal in details please see in Annex.

Abstract: Potassium diformate (KDF) is a specifically conjugated acid double-salt (HCOOH HCOOK), patented by ADDCON and traded as FORMI on the European and world-markets. Potassium diformate has been approved in the European Union as a non-antibiotic growth promoter for use in diets for piglets, growing-finishing pigs and in sows. It was also registered as the first replacement for in-feed antibiotics world-wide. This article series describes the effects of KDF fed to sows on nutrient digestibility, microbiota in sow faeces and sow body condition during gestation, farrowing and lactation, including sow milk composition and the subsequent impact on growth performance of piglets. The first article covers the impact on the sow itself.

KDF_Swine_Industry_2019_Issue_4_ADDCON_CN.pdf2.0 M

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