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ADDCON’s corporation with Venky’s in India is growing:


A seminar series on the use of dietary organic acids in poultry, organized for Venky’s in Hyderabad and Bangalore, attracts more than 80 participants

Addcon products are marketed in India by Venky’s India Limited, which is the biggest poultry conglomerate in the country. Addcon association with Venky’s dates back to 2013 and the partnership is growing ever since.  

Addcon recently organized a training program for Senior Managers of Venky’s. The idea was to share information on the overall use of dietary organic acids in poultry, as well as the latest research data and information on product trials with respect to antibacterial impacts and nutritional aspects of diformates. The two seminars were organized in Hyderabad and Bangalore and attracted more than 80 participants.

Dr. Christian Lückstädt– Technical Director Addcon and Dr. Anant Deshpande, Regional Manager- Addcon, conducted the training, while Dr. Parag from the Product management cell of Venky’s gave an insight on local trials with Acidomix DF+ (Formi NDF).  

Mr. Deepak Khosla, Venky’s General Manager Marketing thanked Addcon for organizing such event and said this will help improving the product knowledge and the managerial skills of his team.

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