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ADDCON tours sustainable Salmonella control for poultry production across Saudi Arabia


Between September 16 and 20th, ADDCON took up an invitation from local partner ARTAT, to discuss pathogen control with key players in the poultry production chain in Saudi Arabia.

Addcon’s Technical Director, Dr.  Christian Lückstädt was accompanied by Dr Hakan Suyun, a poultry consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in Salmonella control from Turkey, on a tour of Saudi Arabia to discuss the control of pathogenic bacteria, especially Salmonella, in poultry production in the region.

Saudia Arabia is the region’s largest poultry market, so plays a major role in poultry production. Therefore, sustainable, safe poultry production is an important topic for discussion, especially under the threat of increasing bacterial resistance due to the routine misuse of antibiotics.

Dr.  Hakan Suyun’s presentation, ‘Salmonella control strategies – a holistic approach’, was especially well-received, as he addressed practical measures that can be taken across the production chain to control salmonella on the farm, covering all vectors from feed and biosecurity to management. Dr. Lückstädt followed with a discussion of ‘The impact of dietary sodium diformate against pathogenic bacteria in poultry, with special focus on Salmonella’, demonstrating how Formi NDF can be used effectively in Salmonella control in poultry production. This was supported by local reports from ARTAT.

More than 90 participants attended the 3 seminars in Jeddah, Riyadh and Qassim.

Addcon is proud to continue the collaboration with ARTAT. Further to the tour, several trials have been initiated in poultry and Addcon looks forward to expanding this success into aquaculture, in the field of shrimp production.

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