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ADDCON talks about application of organic acids in pig diets in the recent roadshow seminar in Japan.


The 2019 Scientific Camp organized by Japan Nutrition Company, Ltd. held in Kagoshima, Tokyo and Sapporo between February 18 and 22nd, 2019.

Speakers from Addcon, Agromed, Link Asia Partners & Phytobiotics discussed topics from organic acids as an alternative solution to AGP, controlling inflammation thru the use of alkaloid based products, as well as the importance of fiber in animal nutrition. It was indeed a successful roadshow seminar attended by more than 220 participants coming from the different  segments of the feed, livestock, poultry & dairy industry in Japan. 


Japan Nutrition is a subsidiary company of Itochu Corporation and is the leading premix company in Japan. Addcon is proud to be JNC’s partner for more than 10 years now.

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