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ADDCON has been invited to give a lecture at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the AASV (American Association of Swine Veterinarians) in the USA,


The AASV-Meeting – under the topic “Built to Last – Celebrating 50 Years of Progress” was held from March 9-12 in Orlando, Florida.

Among the topics discussed, were various forms of antimicrobial use. According to a statement from AASV “…Pressure continued to mount on the use of antimicrobials in production with the introduction of Guidance Documents … which outlined new guidelines to broaden the scope of the Veterinary Feed Directive and increase veterinary oversight. These guidance documents direct the use of medically important antibiotics (deemed to be important for human medicine) in livestock for therapeutic purposes only, thereby eliminating medically important antibiotics for growth-promotion purposes.”

Thus, the presented topics by ADDCON are currently among the leading issues for the discussion of new, sustainable non-antibiotic solutions for the swine industry.

Dr. Lückstädt, Technical Director ADDCON Feed, presented insights on the use of Formi GML in sows, entitled “Dietary sodium diformate and glycerine monolaurate affects fecal pathogen load in lactating sows” and “Effects of a blend of sodium diformate and glycerine monolaurate in sow feed during late gestation and lactation on piglet performance until weaning” 

Please find the respective summaries attached.

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