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Addcon and Nutryplus launch Kofasil range in Mexico


Mexico is the first market in Latin America to make use of Addcon´s inoculant bacteria strains


Beginning of may, a productive week was held in this North American country with the company and great support of Dr. Andreas Milimonka, Addcon Technical Director of silage & preservation. The principal objective was to introduce Addcon lactic acid bacteria products to the silage industry. Meetings with silage producers, farmers and, professors were an important part of the agenda which has led already to some field trials.

What lays ahead is the constant team work with Nutryplus (local distributor), Nicolas Greiffenstein (Technical Manager for Latin America) and, Dr. Milimonka to keep on offering the reliable Kofasil bacteria with technical added value-support for the efficient silage management in Mexico. 


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