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Chinese and foreign specialists gathered together in ‚City of Dairy’ Hohhot to provide solutions for more than 300 farms


A technical exchange program has been held on June 13rd 2019 in Huhhot, so called chinese ‘Dairy capital’, with topics aiming at increasing milk performance and concerning welfare of dairy cows. World’s top dairy cattle experts from Denmark, USA, Israel and China, etc. have been invited to this forum to find solutions for problems during cow’s culture for more than 300 dairy farms. - by CDMTCC.

In the discussion of conference, all-round subjects such as breeding experience, construction of modern large-scale farms, dry cow feeding strategy, health management of dairy cows and advanced quality silage production in Northern Europe, have been systematic analyzed. Meanwhile the symposium has shared other key points with farm partners, including improving cow immunity, farm design, Milk Detection Technique and cow's welfare.


Finally, Director of CDMTCC Mr. Snorri has given highly complementary remarks to the meeting and emphasized, Mengniu will provide various study, exchange and practice opportunities for farm partners through the platform of CDMTCC. By means of these international cooperation more and best dairy farming technologies will be introduced to China and be benefit for every partners.

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