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ADDCON – Green Chemistry

Production Bitterfeld, Germany
Production Porsgrunn, Norway

The German based ADDCON looks back on more than 60 years of history. Over the years, the company grew from a producer of Silage additives to a global player in various industries.

To date, there are ADDCON offices in Germany, Norway, China, the Philippines, Thailand and South Africa as well as a global network of business partners.

ADDCON specialises in Green Chemistry. In its production sites in Bitterfeld/Germany and in Porsgrunn/Norway ADDCON adds value to organic acids and their respective salts.

The products are used in the feed and food industry as well as in de-icing of airports and in the oil drilling industry. All products break down by nature and have little impact on the environment.

Particularly worth mentioning is the classification of our deicing products "AVIFORM". These are based on the basic criteria for eco-labeling (RAL UZ 99) "Blue Angel" certification.

The basic criteria helps users to identify products with a particularly environmentally sound properties and select with a clear conscience.

Quality Standards

To ensure the highest quality standards ADDCON has implemented a comprehensive and strict Quality Management System. As such ADDCON can guarantee its customers that all products meet the specifications.


ISO 9001:2008 as PDF: Bitterfeld
FAMI-QS as PDF: Bitterfeld
QS; QS-ID: 4953113153175, location number: F00001146

The company, which is managed by its owners has been very successful over the last years. ADDCON has grown in terms of activities, staff and turnover. The innovative range of products and the very positive feedback from customers will ensure the further growth for all entities within the ADDCON group.